Week of October 6, 2019

The Environment:

Water- 83-84. Clear and flat all week.

Air- Beautiful fall weather, cool mornings in the 60’s, highs in the mid 80’s, clear skies..


The Bottom Line

A decent week of fishing. A strong Dorado and Bill fish bite, with few big Wahoo taken, wide open bottom fishing, and lot’s of big Roosterfish. A few nice Yellowfin were taken daily. Sardine are the bait of choice and plentiful. Lot’s and lots of Skipjack.

Dorado- Bigger fish this week. Early in the week 5-12# er’s, and as the week progressed quite a few 20-25# er’s taken. Most taken on Sardine around the lighthouse.. they’ve been schooling close to the bottom.

Billfish- Lot’s of Stripers mixed with some big Blues and a few Sailfish. Very spread, but as usual very concentrated off the La Ribera drop off all the way down to Frailles.

Anglers targeting are releasing at least one a day. Slow trolled Ballyhoo, live Caballito and Sardine are working.

Inshore/Bottom- Very, very good fishing inside off the bottom. Big Pompano to 10#’s, nice Dog tooth Snapper, (Pargo) to 20#, and quality Amberjack to 35#’s. Off La Ribera and La Capilla.. They love the chunked Skipjack and Squid.

Roosterfish- Light fishing pressure, lot’s around in the 10-50# class. Taking the Sardine and Caballito..

Skipjack- really worth mentioning. Loads of Skipjack around! For Anglers wanting to pull on a tough fighter, there are unlimited Skippies to test your light gear. They make great bait as well.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch
Very very good fishing.. Check out our fish Photo Gallery
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