Week of September 15, 2019

The Environment:

Water- 86, clear, flat.. light afternoon easterly breezes.

Air- highs in the low 90’s, a couple of afternoon rain showers this week, The cape is green.. Beautiful summer weather..


The Bottom Line

A very, very good week of fishing!!

Yellowfin, Dorado, Wahoo, Sails, Stripers, Blacks and Blues, Roosterfish, Pargo, Amberjack, and Pompano..All biting aggressively..

Palmas bay is full of Sardine, lot’s available for all boats. The good bait is really helping the fishing.

A short boat ride for anglers, with the exception of Wahoo, all the fish are very close, with the best fishing from the hotel south to Frailles.

Yellowfin- Early in the week big tuna to 100# were taken 20-40 miles outside under the Porpoise, later in the week all the Yellowfin were caught closer inshore 1-3 miles off Rincon. Limits for all anglers.. the fish inside are from 5-45#. Anglers are releasing the smaller fish. Live Sardine by far the best bait. A great week of tuna fishing.

Dorado- Mixed with the tuna, and very spread, mostly south.. lots of schools of smaller to medium sized fish with a few Bulls mixed in. Anglers are releasing smaller fish and still catching limits. The larger fish taken on trolled Ballyhoo and lures. Anglers finding the big schools are using Sardine. Very good Dorado fishing.

Billfish- light fishing pressure, most anglers are targeting the meat fish. As usual a very strong bite on Stripers, Sails, and a Blue and Black Marlin. A local La Ribera Pangero caught an 800# Black this week. Off the La Ribera drop off south to Frailles. They love the Ballyhoo, trolled lures working, live Caballito all effective.

Wahoo- Some nice sized Wahoo taken the week, to 70#. A long boat ride, so not much fishing pressure.. Anglers making the run to the Vinaramas white cliffs are picking up fish from one to two miles off the beach. Trolled CD 18 Rapalas have been deadly. Anglers coming down interested in Wahoo should bring at least one or two.

Roosterfish- not much pressure. Lot’s around, 50#ers released are common. The Sardine have helped the Gallo bite. All ECape beach’s are holding nice fish.

Inshore/bottom- outstanding fishing on the inside drop offs. Big Amberjack, Pargo, Pompano and Black Grouper all being taken daily. Live Sardine, Chunks Squid and Skipjack are the best baits.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch
Very very good fishing.. Check out our fish Photo Gallery
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