Rancho Leonero Fish Report: September 19. 2021

Water- 84*. Hurricane Olaf created dirty water early in the week. It’s cleaning and warming daily. Almost back to normal.

Air- Nice weather. Cool mornings and cooler pleasant days. Highs in the low 90’s. Afternoon rains in the mountains. After all the rain this year the E Cape has turned into a brilliant green jungle!!

After Hurricane Olaf brought lots of rain, the water cooled down ten degrees, the arroyos opened up and muddied the water out front. The cooler dirtier water slowed the fishing early in the week. Everyday the fishing has improved as the water cleared and warmed, the last couple of days we are back to the good consistent fishing we’ve enjoyed all season. Striped Marlin are back very close inshore and are biting aggressively. Nice sized Yellowfin are being taken daily, a few Dorado are coming to the cleaning table daily. The bottom fishing as usual has been very good all week with limits of big Pargo and Pompano and some big Amberjack being taken daily. The fishing will be back to normal this coming week. Lots of big Sardine available.

Billfish- A slow start early in the week. The fishing has improved as the week progressed and we are back to a wide open Striped Marlin bite these past couple of days. A few SailsandBlues mixed in. As usual the Marlin within four miles of the beach from the hotel to Frailles. Trolled plastic working, by far the best bait is slow trolled Ballyhoo.

Yellowfin- Nice sized fish to 50#’s. Solitary tuna all taken drift fishing with live Sardine. Most taken at RinCon on the park boundary. Mixed with infinite numbers of Skipjack

Dorado- Mixed with the tuna and all taken on Sardine. Medium sized fish to 15#’s as the week progressed the bite improved.

Bottom- Very good fishing all week! The bottom always produces, even after hurricanes!! . Big Pargo to 20#’s. Lots of good sized African and Gafftail Pompano and a few big Amberjack. All anglers scoring big. Live Sardine and chunk Skipjack working best.

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