Week of July 14 2019

The Environment:

Water-81-84, Clear and flat, afternoon Easterly wind.

Air- Warmer this week, still cooler than normal, very pleasant, low humidity, highs in the low 90’s

The Bottom Line

Every week since early June continues to get better!
A strong consistent Yellowfin bite, lot’s of billfish, big Dorado and Huge Roosterfish all are biting aggressively. Good inshore fishing with big Pompano!

Yellowfin- Under numerous fast moving pods of Porpoise spread north and south, 5-30 miles offshore. Chunk Squid, fast trolled Hoochies and Cedar plugs, and live mackerel and Caballito all working. Hoochies and Squid the most effective. All anglers finding the Porpoise are limiting. From 5-67#’s.

Billfish- Lot’s and lot’s of Stripers mixed with quite a few Blues and a few Sails. The drop off from La Ribera past Frailles is producing most of the fish. Some surprisingly close to the shore (within a half a mile).. anglers targeting billfish are releasing at least one a day, most multiples. They love the Ballyhoo and are taking live Mackerel and Caballito.

Dorado- Some real quality fish from 30-55#’s coming in daily. A few school sized Dorado from 5-15. One or two big Bulls a day are being taken daily. Most of the big fish taken on trolled Ballyhoo and Marlin lures.

Roosterfish- whoppers this week! 50#er’s were released daily by most anglers targeting Gallos. An approximate 75# er was released off the beach on fly by our fly fishing guide Jeff De Brown. This has to be the biggest Rooster off the beach on fly released anywhere in the world, this year for sure.

Inshore- Big, Big Pompano... as big as I’ve seen. 15-25#’s. Pargo and Amberjack being taken daily. Not much pressure as most anglers targeting the Pelagics.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch
Very very good fishing.. Check out our fish Photo Gallery
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