March 17, 2019

Water- 70-72. Clear and flat early in the week. Windy Wednesday and Thursday.

Air- Warm days in the mid 70’s. Cool mornings warming quickly.

Very few boats out fishing this week.
Lots if Spanish Mackerel in the bay. Most boats fishing the bottom with the Mac’s. Big Yellowtail taken on the close inshore drop offs, mixed with Cabrilla and Grouper.
Lots of small to medium sized Dorado very close inshore. Two around five pounds taken from the beach on top water lures right in front of the hotel.

March 31, 2019

Water- 73-74 warmer this week. Clear and flat.
Air- Beautiful clear days with cool mornings. Highs in the low 90’s.

The warming water has helped the fishing this past week. Good inshore fishing in Palmas Bay. The Yellowfin mixed with a few Wahoo finally showed Wednesday and Thursday. A few Dorado taken this week, very close to the hotel.

Yellowfin- 15 miles offshore. Off Rincon just north of Pulmo, under Porpoise. Nice fish. 20-30#. Almost all taken on Cedar plugs.

Dorado- Very close inshore. A few 5-10# fish taken this week. Most caught on live Mackerel by boats fishing inside.

Inshore/Bottom- Lots of medium sized Pargo, Cabrilla and Amberjack taken this week. The closer inshore drop offs are producing the most fish.


March 5, 2020

Water- 71-72. Warmer than normal. Calm most of the week. Some wind, but fishable last two.

Air- Warm. Highs in the 80’s. Clear skies, beautiful weather!

Very light fishing pressure this week. One or two boats a day going out. The Dorado bite is good with some nice fish in the 20# class taken. Big Yellowtail in the 20-40# range being taken early in the morning off the lighthouse. Spanish Mackerel and chunk Skipjack are the baits of choice. Striped Marlin are abundant right off the La Ribera bank. There are lots of Skipjack throughout the bay, providing bait and good action.

As usual this time of year the bottom fishing is good. Yellowtail, Pargo, and Grouper are all coming off the bottom. Good size Sierra are being taken along all Palmas Bay beach’s. Anglers are catch Ing lot’s off the beach, very early in the morning !!

March 14, 2021

Water- 68 * Clear and flat early in the week. Some wind starting Thursday.

Air- Beautiful weather! Cool mornings in the 50’s.. Midday mid 70’s, clear blue skies.

Most of the fishing this week has been very close to the hotel. As many as a dozen boats are trolling daily for Sierra off the ranch’s reef at very first light. Lots taken but the bite usually lasts for no more than an hour. The high spots a mile off the front are producing nice Yellowtail to 50 plus #’s.
A couple of ranch boats fished the light house and scored big.. Fishing live Caballito and bouncing jigs no more than 100 yards off the beach, they took Yellowtail from 15-45#’s, a nice Yellowfin 70-80#’s and a very early Rooster around 15#’s.

Yellowtail- A wide open bite off Cerralvo Island for the past month. The fish have moved South and are plentiful very close to the ranch. 15-20#’s are abundant, big 40-60#er’s in the mix. Live Mackerel and Caballito are the best baits, iron off the bottom is also working..

Yellowfin- Some big solitary tuna are being taken very close to shore. Mixed with the Yellowtail. Very nice big fish, not many. All taken on Mackerel and Caballito..

Sierra- lots of 3 to 8 # er’s right off the hotel. Wide open for the first hour of sunlight. Trolled Hoochies and feathers working best.

Pargo and Roosterfish- A few nice Pargo are being caught mixed with the Yellowtail. We are seeing quite a few Gallo’s up and down the beach with one 15# er released. Very early for the Roosters.

March 20, 2022

Water- 70-71*. Clear, flat, no wind this week.

Air- Beautiful weather! Clear skies, highs in the low 80’s, cool mornings.

First week of real fishing at the ranch. We’re sending 4-5 boats out a day. A very good week, with Big Yellowtail, nice sized Dorado and lots of Striped Marlin all biting. Lots of good bait available. Something new, the bait boats are netting live Ballyhoo. Lots of Spanish Mackerel available, their really helping the fishing, both killer baits.

Yellowtail- Big fish from 20-45#’s being taken off both the Los Barriles high spot and the La Ribera drop-off in 50-100’ of water off Barriles and 70-200’ off La Ribera. The live Ballyhoo and Mackerel are definitely the baits of choice. Most boats the past four days have been boating 3-4 nice fish.

Dorado- An early Dorado bite! Nice fish from 10-35#’s. South of Pulmo Park from Frailles down, 1-2 miles off the beach. Trolled feathers, Ballyhoo and Hoochies all working. At least a couple per boat.

Striped Marlin- As usual for this time of year, lots of Stripers around. In the same areas as the Dorado. Taking slow trolled Ballyhoo and cast Mackerel, again lots around. Not much pressure as most anglers targeting the Yellowtail and Dorado.

A good start for our Season!! Check out the photos on our website.

March 27, 2022

Water- 70-71*. Windy early in the week. Boats going out starting Wednesday.

Air- Highs in the low 80’s, cool mornings, clear blue sky.

It’s been all about the Yellowtail this week! Big fish with many in the 40# range, the smallest I’ve seen this week around 15#. Very close to the hotel. High spots off Los Barriles and directly in front of the hotel producing nice fish, the first drop off in front of La Ribera has been the most productive. Live Mackerel and both live and dead Ballyhoo are taking all the fish. Some decent Amberjack, Pargo and Grouper are being taken as well.

Quite a few smaller Dorado are around, most being released. It’s early for Dorado, a good sign for later this season.

Striped Marlin are off La Ribera and south of Frailles. Not much pressure as most anglers targeting the Yellowtail.