Fishing Regulations & Daily Limits

1.) In order to operate a boat that carries fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is necessary to hold a valid boat permit and personal fishing licenses for everybody on the boat, regardless of age and whether fishing or not. You may choose to purchase this license from the front desk. Local officials frequently check to verify information, so keep your license on your person

2.) Only one rod or line with hook is permitted in the water per person, and a maximum of ten (10) rods/reels may be taken aboard a vessel per person.

3) In order to catch bottom fish, a single line with up to four (4) hooks will be allowed.

4.) The fishing license allows the capture of fin fish only. The taking of mollusks or crustaceans is not permitted and their capture by anyone is strictly prohibited.

5.)Totuava, turtles and marine mammals are under the protection of the Ministry of Fisheries and may not be captured at any time.

Daily Bag Limits

1.) In ocean waters and estuaries the limit is a total of ten (10) fish per day, with no more than five (5) fish of a single specie, except for billfish and shark, of which only one fish may be taken (no limit on healthy fish released), and for dorado, roosterfish, shad or tarpon, of which two fish are allowed.

2.) In continental waters (not applicable for ocean fishing at Rancho Leonero) the limit is five (5) fish per day, whether of a single specie or in combination of several.

3.) Underwater fishing is limited to five (5) fish per day, using a spring or rubber band harpoon (no pneumatic guns), and only while skin diving (not permitted with scuba tanks or external air supply).

4.)Where sport fishing is conducted from boats out at sea for longer than three (3) days, the bag limit will be the equivalent of three times the amounts mentioned above.