July 8 2018

Water.. Flat mornings, clear, afternoon South Easterly winds.. 83-86 degrees

Air- Warmer early in the week, the afternoon trades keeping it cooler. highs in the low 90's..

Another good week of fishing. A real mix this week, with the best Dorado bite so far this year. Fewer but much larger Yellowfin, very good bill fishing, more Wahoo than we've seen all year, and as usual this time of year, lots of big Roosterfish..
Lot's of good bait available, both Sardine and Caballito..

Yellowfin- Averaging about one per boat..25-70#'s most taken off the lighthouse and Rincon. Earlier in the week tuna under the Porpoise outside. Most of the tuna taken inside on Sardine, outside on Hoochies and Cedar Plugs..

Dorado- Our best week of the year! Some big Bulls taken north off Pescadero. Lots of schooling sized fish 5-12# south around the lighthouse, very spread..

Wahoo- Lots of bite off's. Four or five a day coming to the cleaning table. Most taken on Marlin Lures and Rapala's. It's been best from Pta Colorado to the Lighthouse on the first dropoff. 25-65#'s

Billfish- Stripers mixed with Sails. Lot's around , very spread. Not much fishing pressure, anglers targeting the billfish are scoring!

Roosterfish- As usual for this time of year, BIG GALLO's. $0-50#er's are common. Light house producing quite a few, ve5ry spread on all beach's. Lots around..



July 15 2018

Water-83-86 very warm for July, clear, flat mornings, afternoon south easterly wind..

Air- Highs in the low 90's, clear days, afternoon SE trade winds keeping afternoon and evenings cooler and pleasant..

Another good week of fishing! The Dorado bite continues to improve with more and bigger fish taken. Lots of Yellowfin outside and inside, not biting as aggressively as past weeks. Billfish are plentiful, Blues, Stripers and Sails all biting. Big Gallos to 60# being released daily. Big Pargo again this week with quite a few taken over 30#'s. Lots of good bait available, both Sardine and Caballito.. Lot's of big Bull Dorado this week..

Dorado- Very spread north and south. Big Bulls in the 50# class taken all week. Outside mixed with the tuna, off the lighthouse, and on the shark buoys off Punta Pescadero.. Both trolled and live bait working..

Yellowfin- Lots around , both inside and outside. Very slow on the bite this week. The larger fish are closer inside off the Light house and Rincon, 20- 50#'s, outside under the Porpise smaller fish mostly footballs. Boats fishing inside averaging one or two a day.. more smaller tuna 20-40 miles outside.

Billfish- Lot's of Stripers and Sails and an improved Blue bite. Very spread, not much fishing pressure..

Roosters and Pargo- Gallo's to 60#'s this week. Lot's around as usual for this time of year.. The best Pargo year I can recall.. At least five3 taken this week over 30#'s.. These are big Pargo...



July 22 2018

Water- A very warm 85-86# inside. Outside 91. Clean, clear, blue water

Air- Very pleasant. Highs in the high 80’s. Cooling afternoon breezes.

Very good fishing again this week. A little slow midweek, the bite really picked up the last couple of days. Nice sized Yellow fin, Dorado, Wahoo, a strong billfish bite and as usual this time of year, outstanding Rooster fishing.. very good fishing north toward La Paz.. most ranch boat fishing the La Ribera bank south to Rincon and scoring big tuna Dorado and lots of Stripers mixed with the occasional Blue. .. lots of good bait available..

Yellowfin- Trolled Hoochies and Cedar plugs and drift fishing live Sardine both working. The bigger fish being taken south of the lighthouse on Sardine.lts of 30-40#er’s. The past couple of days all boats are scoring. Yellowfin are also outside under Porpoise, really moving around..

Wahoo- the bite has really picked up the past few days. 4-5 a day coming in. No real size 12-55#’s. All on the troll. Rapalas, cedar plugs and Hoochies. Most taken off Punta Colorado.

Dorado- the Big fish taken in the Dorado Shoot Out yesterday was a 47.5# Bull. The really big Dorado are north of Punta Pescadero . Schooling Dorado and some nice Bulls are plentiful south in the same areas as the tuna and Wahoo. Hoochies, cedar plugs and Sardine all working.

Billfish- lots and lots of Striped Marlin mixed with some big mostly Black Marlin. We released 5 Stripers yesterday fishing in the tournament. Some BIG Blacks and Blues this week! A couple taken this week over 500#’s one over 600!,

Roosterfish. Big Gallo’s all week. Light fishing pressure. 40#er’s common.



Water- 86-88 inside, warmer outside to 90. Clear,clean, flat water.

Air- warm with highs in the 90’s. Cooling afternoon SE breezes.

Good consistent fishing all week. Limits of Dorado and Yellowfin for almost all anglers daily. Lots of Striped Marlin mixed with a few Blues. The occasional Wahoo. Lots of Roosterfish around. Very good bottom fishing with big Pargo and Amberjack biting again this week. Lots of good bait available, Sardine, Caballito, and some tube Mackerel.

Yellowfin- the bite has moved south. Most taken off the white cliffs south of Los Frailles..a few big fish, most 5-15#. Taken on Sardine and Hoochies. Some bigger fish to 50# taken off Rincon. Literally all anglers limiting.

Dorado- mostly small to medium sized fish. Again limits for almost all anglers. Mixed with the Yellowfin. The best Dorado fishing we’ve had in years. Live Sardine and trolled Hoochies working best.

Billfish- not much fishing pressure. Lots around. From LaRibera south from 2 to 15 miles offshore. Most taken on live Caballito and trolled Ballyhoo. Mostly Stripers mixed with Sails and Blues.

Roosterfish- very light fishing pressure. Lots around. 30-50# er’s common. All beach producing. Very spread.

Bottom- big Pargo and Amberjack again this week. Chunked Skipjack really working.


July 7 2019

Water- 80-81 inside, 83-85 outside. Warmer cleaner water inside this week. Warmer water outside holding the tuna. Afternoon Easterly wind. 

Air-  Unbelievably pleasant and cool for July. Highs in the 80’s. Cool mornings, nicest coolest July I can recall 

Another good week of fishing. The Yellowfin were on the bite, especially later in the week.  Some big Bull Dorado taken. Strong consistent Striped Marlin fishing mixed with quite a few Blues. Big Roosters in the 50# plus class are being released daily. Big Pargo and Amberjack are coming to the cleaning table daily. We even had a 27# Yellow tail taken this week! 

Yellowfin-  15-30 miles offshore, very spread pods of fast moving Porpise are holding tuna in the 15-50# range. Most boats limiting, especially later in the week. Taking fast trolled  bright Hoochies and chunk Squid. 

Billfish-  Lot’s around.. All boats targeting Marlin are releasing at least one fish. Mostly good sized Stripers in the 100-200# class. Quite a few a Blues release this week. A few Sails. From La Ribera To Frailles 1-6 miles off the beach. They are loving the Ballyhoo both trolled and cast bait. 

Dorado-  A few taken daily. This week a couple of big Bulls in the 50# range came in. The big Dorado are hitting the trolled Marlin lures. 

Inshore-  The Roosters have finally really started to bite. 50 plus # er’s are being released daily. The bottom fishing has been stellar with big Pargo 20-25# er’s are common. Big Amberjack and Grouper. We even had a 27# Yellow tail come in. A first in 80 degree water..

A good week!!

July 14 2019

Water-81-84, Clear and flat,  afternoon Easterly wind. 

Air- Warmer this week, still cooler than normal, very pleasant, low humidity, highs in the low 90’s 

Every week since early June continues to get better!  
A strong consistent Yellowfin bite,  lot’s of billfish, big Dorado and Huge Roosterfish all are biting aggressively. Good inshore fishing with big Pompano!

Yellowfin-  Under numerous fast moving pods of Porpoise spread north and south, 5-30 miles offshore. Chunk Squid, fast trolled Hoochies and Cedar plugs, and live mackerel and Caballito all working. Hoochies and Squid the most effective. All anglers finding the Porpoise are limiting. From 5-67#’s. 

Billfish-  Lot’s and lot’s of Stripers mixed with quite a few Blues and a few Sails. The drop off from La Ribera past Frailles is producing most of the fish. Some surprisingly close to the shore (within a half a mile)..  anglers targeting billfish are releasing at least one a day, most multiples. They love the Ballyhoo and are taking live Mackerel and Caballito. 

Dorado-  Some real quality fish from 30-55#’s coming in daily. A few school sized Dorado from 5-15. One or two big Bulls a day are being taken daily. Most of the big fish taken on trolled Ballyhoo and Marlin lures. 

Roosterfish-  whoppers this week! 50#er’s were released daily by most anglers targeting Gallos. An approximate 75# er was released off the beach on fly by our fly fishing guide Jeff De Brown. This  has to be the biggest Rooster off the beach on fly released anywhere in the world, this year for sure. 

Inshore- Big, Big Pompano...  as big as I’ve seen. 15-25#’s.  Pargo and Amberjack being taken daily. Not much pressure as most anglers targeting the Pelagics. 

July 21 2019

Water- 86-87. Clear blue water outside, calm flat mornings, strong afternoon easterly winds the last couple of days..

Air- Still very cool and pleasant for late July. Highs in the high 80’s - low 90’s..clear skies...

Another good week of fishing in the E Cape...
A very strong billfish bite all week, big Roosterfish in the 50 plus # class, released daily,
Yellowfin are plentiful outside under the Porpise and some big Tuna taken off Rincon daily. Some Dorado..

Roosterfish- Over the past three weeks the fishing has returned to our normal wide open July.. Gallo’s 50 to 75 pounds are being released daily. Biting both north and south. Very very good Roosterfishing.

Billfish- Lot’s of Striped Marlin mixed with quite a few Blues. Approximately one of every four fish released have been Blues. Fishing the Dorado Shootout every team I talked to had released at least one billfish. Off the drop off from La Ribera too Frailles. slow trolled Ballyhoo are the ticket.

Yellowfin- Very spread fast moving pods of Porpoise are holding the tuna 10-25 miles outside. Weather permitting almost all boats targeting tuna are scoring. Hoochies and chunk Squid working. Closer inside, off Rincon 1-3 miles off the beach. Anglers catching Yellowfin to 50#’s.. Squid and live Caballito effective inside.

Dorado- Dorado Shoot Out results...
25.1# Dorado took it all....
$170,000 plus a new Pick up!!
Chris “Smokey” Moyers and Can Doo Jimmy took home the money.

July 28 2019

Water-82-85. Cooler water inshore, warmer outside. Clear, flat, normal light afternoon easterly breezes.

Air- still cooler than normal, very pleasant, highs in the low 90’s. Afternoon rains in the sierras..

A good week of fishing. The Dorado bite has improved, still lots of Striped Marlin mixed with Blues and a few Sails. Much bigger tuna all taken this week, not as much quantity but bigger quality, the fish are closer to shore off Rincon. Big Roosterfish were released all week, 50# er’s were abundant. Not much fishing pressure inshore, anglers staying inside are catching big Pargo and Amberjack.

Billfish- All anglers targeting billfish are releasing at least one fish daily . Mostly Stripers, every fourth or fifth fish a Blue or Sailfish. Same area as last week, off the inshore bank down to Frailles.. Ballyhoo working best.

Dorado- A better week. Schools of fish in the 10-25# class mixed with a few bigger Bulls. Closer inside 1-3 miles off the lighthouse down to Rincon in the same areas as the tuna. Trolled Hoochies and live and chunk bait working.

Yellowfin- Off Rincon, close to Pulmo Park. 1-3 miles off the beach. Bigger fish to 60#. All taken on chunk Squid or live Caballito. Average fish 20-25#. Boats taking 2-5 fish daily.

Roosterfish- Big Gallo’s all week! Fifty pounders common. Very good fishing! All beach’s both north and south holding fish. Live Caballito working best. Anglers using fly are releasing lot’s of Roosters as well.

Inshore- Big Pargo to 30#, nice Amberjack and big Pompano are all biting aggressively.. not much fishing pressure.