April 29 , 2018

It was a week all about yellowfin tuna and small roosterfish. They make a great combo for a fun day on the water.

The Environment:

Water – Really warming up. 79 or 80 degrees for a good start.

Air – 70 degrees early mornings. A warm summer is predicted.

The Bottom Line:

Gangbusters on tuna and inshore fishing everywhere. The dreaded North Wind picked up on Tuesday and lasted through Thursday. On Friday, the North Wind went away and that should be the last we see of it. No wind predicted this coming week. A few boats went out, but stayed mostly inside for roosters.

Billfish – Lots of striped marlin this time of year, but anglers are targeting tuna, so no one is going after them.

Tuna– Yesterday (5/5) Rancho boats found nice yellowfin tuna and wahoo off lighthouse and on the Iman Bank. Lots and lots of picky eaters.

Dorado – Little to report.

Inshore – Small roosterfish, skipjack, ladyfish and jack crevalle as well as sierra are keeping all of our fly-fishers happy. Nothing smaller than a 9-weight rod unless you want to turn a 4-piece into a 6-piece.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

Small, aggressive roosterfish are everywhere. Good, large sardina and caballito bait continues to be available.


April 24 2019

Water. 73-74. Warming clear and flat

Air. Cool mornings, midday highs low 80’s.
Very pleasant spring weather.

The fishing is finally starting to pick up. The water is cleaner and much warmer than last week.
Early in the week the inshore fishing was best. A good consistent Rooster bite, Sierra early in the morning. Pargo, Grouper and Amberjack.
In the past few days Yellowfin have started biting. Some nice tuna to 50#’s, not many but a good start. Lots of Bonito and Skipjack are keeping anglers busy.
A few Wahoo are being taken south.
The fishing is definitely improving.


April 5 2020

Water- 72-73. Clear flat

Air- Beautiful spring weather, clear skies, cool mornings, high 70’s to low 80’s.

A few locals have been going out this week, mostly pangas with a few cruisers mixed in. The fishing has been good! Lot’s of Spanish Mackerel in Palmas Bay. Anglers are easily making their own bait.. with so few boats out the light pressure has helped the fishing!

The fish are close, 1-3 miles offshore from LaRibera to Punta Colorado. As usual for this time of year the Striped Marlin are thick. Some boats releasing as many as seven.

The Stripers are taking both Ballyhoo and live Mac’s.

The Yellowtail bite has been good as well. Most boats fishing the drop offs with the Mackerel are taking at least three to five a day from 5-20#’s. The deep spots closest to the beach are producing the most fish.

There have been a couple of Wahoo taken in the 20-30# range and quite a Dorado as well.
Not bad fishing!!

Hope to see everyone back on the water soon :)


April 4 2021

Water- 70*. Clear flat mornings, afternoon wind.

Air- Beautiful spring weather. Highs in the low 80’s, cool mornings in the 60’s..

Again this week it is all about the Yellowtail. Yellowtail from 15-45#’s are being taken within a mile of the hotel. The best fishing however is off Cerralvo Island . Striped Marlin have started biting this week. The Sierra have been abundant right off the reef in front of the hotel and White Skipjack are thick throughout Palmas Bay. The water is a couple degrees warmer this week around 70, and will continue to warm up through spring. Big Sardine is by far the best bait, most fish taken on the Sardine.

Yellowtail- Nice fish from 15#’s up are being taken on the high spots right off the hotel. The bite off Cerralvo Island has been wide open with fish to 60#’s. Ranch boats are making the run to the island and limiting daily. Bouncing iron is working, live Sardine is the bait of choice.

Striped Marlin- The spring bite is on. Stripers in the 100-150# range are being released very close to the hotel. The drop off’s in front of La Ribera are producing lots of tailers.. Hitting darker trolled lures, live Sardine and Caballito are working best.

Sierra/White Skipjack- as usual in spring the Sierra are biting aggressively right off the hotel reef. That first hour of sunrise by far the most productive. Trolled bright Hoochies are the ticket. Lots and lots of White Skipjack are spread throughout the bay. Taking Hoochies and Sardine..

Good Spring fishing.

April 18 2021

Water- 73-76. Clear flat water all week. Warmer outside cooler closer inshore.

Air- Beautiful spring weather, clear blue skies, cool mornings, highs in the low 80’s.

An improved week of fishing. The warming water has brought the Yellowfin and Dorado back, the Striped Marlin are thick with all anglers targeting billfish, releasing multiple fish. The Yellowtail are still biting with some good sized fish being taken daily. There are lots of good sized Sardine available and is by far the bait of choice. With the tuna and Dorado showing the fishing has really lite up!

Yellowfin- The tuna are biting ! The lighthouse and Rincon are producing nice fish from 10- 40#’s. Drift fishing with live Sardine working best. Some taken on trolled Hoochies.

Dorado- The Dorado are being taken mixed with the Yellowfin. No real size yet 5-15#’s. Most taken on Sardine, Hoochies are working as well.

Striped Marlin- Really wide open! Jumpers and tailers everywhere throughout the bay, the drop offs in front of La Ribera are producing. All anglers targeting billfish are releasing multiple fish. Hitting everything, trolled brighter colored lures working..

Yellowtail- the lighthouse and high spots close to the hotel are producing nice fish. Cerralvo Island is by far the best spot. Live Sardine are taking most of the fish. Some taken on iron. 10-50#’s.

Roosterfish- The Gallo’s are back. Not much pressure as most anglers are fishing outside. 20-30#er’s being released daily.

Good fishing!

April 25 2021

Water- 75*. Clear, flat all week. No more North wind.

Air- Pleasant spring weather. Cool mornings in the 60’s warming to the low 80’s. Clear skies.

The water is not as mixed as last week 75 degrees throughout Palmas Bay. There is lots of good bait available. Sardine and Caballito are plentiful and really helping the fishing. There is more bait available than I can recall. The Striped Marlin are around in good numbers, picky biters one day wide open the next. Big Yellowfin to 70#’s are being taken off the light house and Rincon on the park boundary. A wide open African Pompano bite, nice size fish, literally as many as an anglers wants to take. As usual limitless White Skipjack are spread throughout the bay.

Striped Marlin- the billfish have moved further outside. 15-20 miles off Punta Colorado. Biting everything one day, very picky the next. On good days multiple releases. Taking any bait on the good days, loving the slow trolled Ballyhoo..

Yellowfin- Not many, but big tuna being taken off the lighthouse and Rincon. Drift fishing live Sardine. 30-70# fish.

Pompano- Lots and lots of African Pompano.. Anglers targeting are bringing in 20 per day. Fish from 3-10#’s. Almost all on Sardine. Very spread. The lighthouse and off Punta Pescadero are producing the most fish..

White Skipjack- the bite has been wide open all season. Taking live Sardine and Bright Hoochies. Lots around, they make great sushi, lots at the bar in the evenings.

Check out the fish fotos on our website.

April 10 2022

Water- Clear, flat, some afternoon light winds. Cooler than last week 70-71*

Air- Beautiful spring weather, cool mornings, daytime highs in the 70’s, clear skies..

The fishing was very good early in the week. Big Yellowtail mixed with some nice Yellowfin and Dorado all being taken off the bottom within two miles of the hotel. The bite slowed in the past couple of days, probably due to the cooler water coming off the Pacific and wrapping around the peninsula close to shore. Live Mackerel and Ballyhoo ( needlefish) are by far the best baits. Jigging iron off the bottom also working.

Yellowtail- Big fish from 20-40#’s taken early in the week three or four per boat common. All Palmas Bay hotel boats are fishing the same area directly off La Capilla and Buena Vista.

Yellowfin- A few being taken mixed with the Yellowfin. Decent sized fish between 10 and 30#’s. Most taken on iron.

Dorado- Some decent Dorado to 30#’s also mixed with the Yellowtail.

White Bonito/Sierra- Good Sierra fishing at first light, very early biters. Palmas Bay is loaded with Bonito.