August 12 2018

Water- 85 inside, 86-89 outside. Clear, flat, clean water. One bumpy morning all week..

Air- Warm, highs in the 90's, some morning rain early in the week..

Good fishing with mostly quality Yellowfin and Roosterfish biting this week. Big tuna from 25-80#'s were the best action all week. The Dorado bite was slower than usual, and the bill fishing was on and off.. Lot's of good bait available, Sardine, Caballito, Squid and Ballyhoo..

Yellowfin- A couple of big Yellowfin per boat per day. Nice fish from 25# to 80#. Lot's of over hour long fights with a lot of breakoffs. Almost all taken on Sardine and Squid, drift fishing off Rincon 1-3 miles off the beach..

Billfish- The bite was a little slower this week. Striped Marlin, Sails, Blues and Blacks all being released. Mostly taken on trolled Ballyhoo, off the La Ribera bank best.

Roosterfish- Lot's of big Gallos in the 20-60# range are being released daily. As usual for this time of year, very good fishing..

Inshore- Big Pargo, Jacks and Pompano are all biting consistently on the bottom. Very good fishing inside...



August 19 2018

Water- 85-86, outside 90, clear, flat, afternoon ESE breezes..

Air- A very pleasant week, relatively cool, highs in the 80's, clear, beautiful pleasant weather!

Good consistent fishing again this week. Very similar to last week with bigger Yellowfin than last being taken daily. Schooling sized Dorado are mixed with the tuna. Nice big Amberjack Pargo and Pompano were taken daily. Lot's of big Roosterfish along the beach's. Billfish are also close to the hotel, with very light fishing pressure. Lot's of good bait available, Sardine, caballito, Squid and Ballyhoo all working well..

Yellowfin- Very close! From the hotel to south of the light house. 1-3 miles off the beach. Much bigger this week. Boats are taking one or two over 50-60#'s and limits of 15-20#'ers daily. Drift fishing live Sardine best for smaller tuna and large chunks of Squid are hanging most of the larger tuna. Very, very good tuna fishing again this week!!!

Dorado- 10-15# schooling sized Dorado mixed with the tuna. Boats are landing two or three a day. Almpst all on Sardine.

Billfish- Very spread. Almost all anglers are targeting the tuna. Very light fishing pressure.

Inside- Some big Amberjack and Pargo are mixed in with the tuna. We took a 60# Amberjack on Thursday. Pargo and Pompano in the 20# class are also being taken in the mix. Off the lighthouse big Pompano are coming off the bottom..

Another very good week of fishing..

August 26 2018

Water. Clean clear flat. 84-87 degrees

Air. Very pleasant for August. Highs in the low 90’s.

Another big week. The big news is lots of wahoo this week. Lots of nice sized tuna. The Dorado are biting and again not much pressure on the billfish. Inshore is producing big Pargo Amberjack and Pompano.

Very very good fishing. The bite was further south this week, the white cliffs south of frail les were producing the wahoo and tuna. The Dorado very spread.
Trolled Rapalas were deadly on the wahoo this week. Bart Hall fishing one day. Caught 3 wahoo in the 20-30# class. They farmed another three.

A short report!
I’m going fishing!!