June 3, 2018

Water – Sea temps fell early in the week,but quickly climbed back up to the more productive 81-82 range.

Air –windy on Monday and Tuesday cooling the water thatwarmed back up, mid-week.

Rancho Leonero is now an official IGFA Certified Weigh Station. We’re seeing the best bait in years with lots and lots of sardina available for sale. These are larger – more attractive – bait than the size you get in California.

Billfish – Billfish were everywhere. Lots of striped marlin as well as a reported white marlin released.

Tuna –Early in the week we saw limits of small yellowfin tuna traveling with porpoise offshore. Additionally,there were larger tuna from 60- to 70-pounds close to shore and along the beach at Rincon.

Dorado –Dorado thinned out, but returned around the shark buoys later in the week. There were some nice-sized bulls in the mix.

Roosterfish – Grande roosters were cruising on the inside along with big pompano. Add to that a jack crevalle that was estimated to weigh 50-plus pounds.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

Fly-fishers scored big time all week on both roosters and pompano right from the beach. A gallo – whether large or small – taken while casting off the sand is a memorable score … and only in Baja.


June 10, 2018

Water – 75-78; down 5- to 7-degrees following Hurricane Bud. The storm really cooled the water.

Air – Clear, cooler and glorious this week.

Fortunately, Hurricane Bud turned out to be a dud! There were light winds to 20 mph, and maybe an inch of rain. The storm passed directly over the East Cape.

Billfish – Lots of billfish before the storm, but after the storm it has been all about yellowfin tuna and roosterfish.

Tuna –Four boats went out and all anglers caught limits of YFT. One super panga fishing live bait for roosterfish right off the beach in front of the Lighthouse took limits of yellowfin from 30- to 64 pounds. About 20 miles outside of Pulmo Park, anglers limited on football-sized tuna under the porpoise.

Dorado – Plentiful before the storm. They shall return.

Roosterfish – We’re seeing big roosters together with huge pargo. Two pargo this week were more than 30 pounds! Roosters are being taken along the beaches, at the Lighthouse and all the usual places.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

Inshore fishing has really been good. As good as it is, fishing will likely get better as water temperatures creep back up to normal.



June 17, 2018

Water – 77 to 80 degrees. Clear and flat all week.

Air – Warming with highs in the low 90s. Afternoons are cooling with a south-easterly wind.

It was a big, fat, WOW of a week. All the fish are concentrated from Punta Colorado to the Pulmo Park boundary. Yellowfin from 20 to 65 pounds are being taken within 200 feet of the beach off the Lighthouse. Roosters to 55 pounds are in the same area along with the occasional wahoo and dorado. Lots of sails mixed with striped marlin are in the same zone, a little farther off the beach no more than five miles offshore.

Billfish – Lots of sailfish mixed with striped marlin. Anglers targeting these billfish are releasing at least one. Fish are 3 to 6 miles offshore of the Lighthouse. They are loving both the ballyhoo and live caballito.

Tuna –The big tuna are being taken rightfrom the beach from Punta Colorado to Rincon … all on slow trolled or drifting sardine and caballito. These are nice fish with limits for almost all anglers ranging from 20 to 65 pounders. Outside, about 25 miles offshore, porpoise are holding smaller tuna in the 5 to 20 pound range. These are taken on Hoochies and cedar plugs. All-in-all, excellent tuna fishing.

Dorado and Wahoo –Every day one or two 30- to 60-pound wahoo are taken. Additionally, a few 20- to 30-pound bull dorado hit the decks.

Roosterfish – Very goodgallo fishing off the Lighthouse and the new Marina entrance; some nice fish released to 50 pounds. As a bonus, there are both big pompano and some huge pargo. Some of the pargo exceeded 30 pounds!

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

Take a look at the photos on our website.




Water- 77-80 Clear, flat, all week

Air- warming, highs in the low 90's, afternoon cooling south easterly wind.

Another outstanding week! All the fish are concentrated from Punta Colorado to the Pulmo Park boundary. Yellowfin from 20-65# are being taken within 200 feet of the beach off the Lighthouse. Big Roosters to 55#'s in the same area, also the occasional Wahoo and Dorado. Lot's of Sails mixed with Striped Marlin are in the same zone, a little further off the beach, no more than 5 miles offshore.

Yellowfin- The big tuna are being taken right off the beach from Punta Colorado to Rincon. All on slow trolled or drifting Sardine and Caballito. Nice fish with limits for almost all anglers. 20-65# fish. Outside 25 miles offshore Porpoise are holding smaller tuna in the 5-20# range, all taken on Hoochies and Cedar plugs. Very Very good Tuna fishing!!

Billfish- Lot's of Sailfish mixed with the Stripers this week. Anglers targeting are releasing at least one. 3-6 miles offshore off the Lighthouse. They are loving the BallyHoo and live Caballito..

Wahoo and Dorado- Every day one or two wahoo are being taken 30-60#'s. A few Bull Dorado 20-30#'s were taken this week. Both species right off the beach mixed with the Yellowfin.

Inshore- Very good Gallo fishing off the Lighthouse and the new Marina entrance, some nice fish released to 50#'s.. Big Pompano, and some huge Pargo, a number taken over 30#'s this week.

A good week! Check out the photos on our website!!



Water- Clear, flat, 79-83, lots of temperature breaks

Air- Warming, highs in the 90's, clear skies and dry..

Great fishing again this week. So far it's been a stellar year!!
Lots of good sized Yellowfin, a consistent billfish bite, BIG Gallo's guaranteed, some big Wahoo, improved Dorado fishing and unbelievable bottom fishing for Big Pargo and Amberjack.
Lots Cabalitto and plentiful big Sardine are available daily...

Yellowfin- Very spread. Lot's of nice 20-50# fish close inside from the Lighthouse south, most taken within a 1/2 mile of the beach on live sardine and Cabalitto. The Tuna are also outside under the Porpoise taking Hoochies and Cedar plugs. Some big tuna taken North off Pescadero to 85#'s. Very very good tuna fishing..

Billfish- Not much fishing pressure. Lots around Sails mixed with Stripers and some Blues are showing up. Off La Ribera and very spread..

Wahoo and Dorado- A couple of nice sized Wahoo are hitting the cleaning table daily, 40-65#'s. The Dorado bite is improving some nice Bulls and many more smaller Dorado taken this week.

Roosterfish- Much bigger Gallo's this week!! All anglers releasing at least one over 40# daily... Off the Lighthouse and all beach's.

Very very good fishing.. Check out our fish Foto Gallery




Water- 78-80. Clean, calm mornings, afternoon Easterly wind.

Air- A late winter, unusually cool, very pleasant, highs in the low 80’s.

Overall a good week of fishing. The Yellowfin under the Porpoise were further outside and were harder to find later in the week. Big solitary tuna are being taken daily, on live bait close inshore off Rincon. Lot’s of Striped Marlin are around, picky biters midweek, the bite has improved the last couple of days.Very close inside and spread from Pescadero past Frailles. Lot’s of 30-80# er’s released.

The inshore fishing has been consistent with medium sized Roosterfish and big Pompano being taken.

Yellowfin- a wide open bite early in the week. The bite slowed midweek as the Porpoise holding the tuna moved further outside. Hoochies, cedar plugs and live bait all working. Big solitary tuna in the 40-60# range are being taken on live bait ( Caballito’s ) daily, closer inshore off Rincon.

Striped Marlin- lot’s around, early week was better fishing, the bite slowed midweek and really picked up again yesterday. Slow trolled Ballyhoo working best. These are the lightest Marlin I can recall, 30-100#’s..

Inshore- Lot’s of big Pompano to 10#,s are being taken off the lighthouse on live mullet, caballito, and sardine. A decent Roosterfish bite, not much pressure as most anglers fishing outside.



Water- 81-82. Clear and flat, afternoon easterly breezes.

Air- much cooler than normal, very pleasant, highs in the low 80’s, clear skies..

Overall good fishing.
A slow start this week, the bite has really improved in the past four days.
Very spread schools of Porpoise are holding Yellowfin both north and south, from 15 to 50 miles offshore. Some nice sized Wahoo are being taken south off the white cliffs. Striped Marlin mixed with Sailfish and the occasional Blue are biting from the lighthouse to Frailles..
Big Amberjack and Pompano are coming in off the bottom closer inshore. Some quality Roosterfish are being released daily.
Lot’s and lots of Skipjack and White Bonito are biting both north and south.

Yellowfin- very very spread pods of Porpoise are holding Yellowfin from 15-70#’s, a 230# er was taken by a Palmas fleet boat north of Cerralvo Island. The fast moving schools are north and south from 15-50 miles offshore. About half the boats limiting. Hoochies, cedar plugs, cut Squid and Sardine all working.

Billfish- light fishing pressure as most anglers targeting the tuna.. Stripers mixed with a few Sailfish and the occasional early Blue are being released daily. Best fishing seven miles off the lighthouse south to Frailles. The love the slow trolled Ballyhoo.

Wahoo- 30-60#.. All taken on Rapalas and Marauders one mile or less, off the white cliffs south of Vinaramas .

Inshore- Big Pompano and some nice Amberjack are being taken inside off the drop offs.. some quality Roosterfish being released.



Water- 76-80. Colder water this week. Easterly winds have driven colder Pacific water up into the Cortez. Calm mornings, easterly afternoon winds.

Air- Still very cool for mid June. Beautiful weather, cool mornings, afternoon highs in the 80’s.

Very good fishing one day and slow the next. The Dorado have finally arrived, quality Yellowfin are outside under the Porpoise. Striped Marlin, Sailfish and a few Blues are biting off the La Ribera to Frailles drop off. A few Wahoo taken this week off the white cliffs at Vinaramas.

Dorado- Finally they’ve arrived in decent numbers. Fish in the 10-25# class are taking trolled lures and Ballyhoo. Very spread

Yellowfin- Weather permitting fleet boats fishing outside 15-50 miles are picking up quality tuna to 70#. Very spread under pods of Porpoise. The warmer water north is the best bet. Trolled Hoochies, cedar plugs, chunk Squid, live Sardine and Caballito are all working.

Billfish- mostly Striped Marlin mixed with Sailfish and a few Blues. Off the La Ribera bank down to Frailles best. Trolled Ballyhoo and live Caballito are the ticket.

Inshore- Nice Pargo and Pompano are being taken inside. Some big Roosterfish released. Not much pressure as most boats targeting the Pelagic’s.


June 23 2019

Water- 77-80 inside, 81-84 outside. Early in the week afternoon easterly winds, flat and calm for the last 5 days.

Air- Beautiful weather, clear skies, cool mornings, afternoon highs in the 80’s.

A very good week of fishing on the E Cape. The cooler water closer to shore has warmed up and so has the fishing. The Roosterfish bite really picked up with some good sized Gallo’s being released daily. Outside the Yellowfin and Billfish are keeping all anglers busy.

Yellowfin- a wide open bite for tuna 20-45 miles off shore both north and East, in the warmer water under Porpoise. Fast moving multiple pods of Porpoise are holding football to 65# sized fish. All boats heading outside are scoring. Chunked Squid working best. Trolled Hoochies, Cedar plugs, live Sardine also working.

Billfish- lot’s around. More Sailfish this week. Lot’s of tailer’s off the La Ribera bank down to Frailles. Stripers and Sail’s are also mixed with the tuna outside. Very, very good billfishing. Trolled Ballyhoo effective as usual, the billfish are also hitting Hoochies and Cedar plugs. Live Caballito also working.

Dorado- early in the week we had quite a few smaller schooling Dorado in the 5-10# range taken on the troll. A couple of nice bulls a day in the 25-40# later in the week.

Inshore- the warming inshore water has helped the fishing inside! Mucho Pompano, the Roosterfish bite has improved, some big Amberjack and Pargo are biting.
Big Gallo’s in the 50# class are being released daily. Mullet and Caballito are plentiful and by far the best bait.
Ranch fly fishermen are releasing Rooster’s and Striped Marlin!

A good week!!!!



June 21 2020

Happy Fathers Day!!

Water- Warming fast. 82-84, clear, blue flat water. Light afternoon breezes

Air- Highs in the 80’s, cool mornings, blue skies, beautiful weather.

Our first week of fishing on the E Cape and as expected the bite is on!!
Big Yellowfin, big Dorado, whooper Gallo’s and lots of good sized Striped Marlin.
A 222# Yellowfin, a 52# Bull Dorado taken this week.

Caballito and Ballyhoo and Squid. have been the baits of choice.

Yellowfin- Lots around both inside and outside. Are very consistent bite inshore off the lighthouse and in Rincon bay. Lots of Tuna in the 20# range, all within a mile of the beach. Taking mostly Squid. Outside 20-40 miles, three or four schools of Porpoise are holding football sized Tuna to gorillas! A 222#er was taken with a kite. Limits of fish from 7-40#’s. Outside Cedar plugs, Rapalas, and a quite a few taken on Squid, the big boy on Caballito..

Dorado- Big Bulls were taken this week on the shark buoys off Punta Pescadero. Very light pressure, the first anglers on scene are scoring big fish to 52#. Live Caballito, Ballyhoo and Squid working..

Striped Marlin- Lots and lots around. Off La Ribera they are very concentrated. Boats releasing as many as 7. Big fish, Lots in the 200# range. Loving the Ballyhoo.

Roosterfish- Some big fish. Literally no fishing pressure. A couple of big Gallo’s in the 50# class released off the lighthouse. Big Roosters cruising most Palmas Bay beach’s.

A great start for our first week! This coming week should be stellar!



June 28 2020

Water- 81-84. Clear, flat, cooler water south, much warmer north..

Air- Beautiful clear days with some light rain yesterday. Highs in the 80’s. Light afternoon SE breezes.

The fishing this past week was very good, especially inshore. The hotel sent out three boats a day all week. Lot’s of good bait available, Sardine, Tube Mackerel and Caballito. The Roosterfishing was nothing short of spectacular! Big Gallo’s averaging 40-60# were common. Most anglers were opting to stay inside and take advantage of literally a wide open bite. All anglers releasing big fish! Big Pargo, both Dog toothed and Barred, Pompano, and Jacks were also biting aggressively. Yellowfin Tuna were taken outside under Porpoise and inside off the lighthouse. Lot’s of Striped Marlin are outside off Pulmo Park. A good week!

Roosterfish- The bite is really on for big Gallo’s. The big fish are back to cruising in very shallow water close to the beach. The larger fish are taken the Caballito and Tube Mackerel ( Barracuta to the locals)... The Mackerel have been the really deadly bait! Lot’s of Gallo’s around the lighthouse, very spread along most Palmas Bay beach’s. Big fish 50-60# er’s common..

Yellowfin- A number of schools of Porpoise are holding tuna outside.. from 10 to 30 miles offshore to the East. Lot’s of footballs mixed with some nice fish in the 20-30# class. Most taken on Hoochies, Cedar plugs and Sardine. Inside off the lighthouse big solitary tuna in the 15-40# class are biting consistently. Not much pressure as most anglers targeting the Gallo’s inside.

Striped Marlin- Lot’s around, picky biters this week, not much fishing pressure. Big fish in the 200# range are being released daily. Off La Ribera and really thick outside the Pulmo Park boundary. Taking trolled Ballyhoo.

Inshore- Lot’s of big Gallo’s. Big Pargo and Pompano were taken on the inside drop offs. Live Sardine, chunk Squid, and Barracuta all working.


June 13, 2021

Water- clear, flat, consistent 80 degree water. Very very light winds this week.

Air- Warming, highs in the low 90’s. Cool mornings. Blue skies

Where do I start?? The fishing this past two weeks have been off the charts! Absolutely incredible fishing for almost all species!! All anglers targeting Yellowfin limiting nice fish. Lots of billfish, big Bull Dorado coming in daily. Believe it or not we’re taking big Yellowtail in this warm water. Big Amberjack a number taken in the 80-90# range. Gafftail and African Pompano are abundant. Loads of Roosterfish working all beach’s. Good Good Fishing.

Yellowfin- lots of spread Pods of Porpoise 12-50 miles off shore. The pods are producing fish all day. Limits of 10-50# tuna for all anglers. Hitting bright Hoochies almost exclusively a few on Cedar Plugs. Very good tuna fishing!!

Billfish- Lots of Stripers mixed with a few Sails on the inside banks 2-6 miles of La Ribera, multiple release’s for anglers targeting. Loving the Ballyhoo

Drift fishing inside- halfway between La Ribera and Punta Colorado drift fishing Sardine with light weights. Big Amberjack! Three in the past week approaching 100#. Big Yellowtail 20-40#’s being taken in good numbers daily! Way late with 80 degree water!!
Nice Pompano are abundant as well.
It’s good inside!!

Dorado- Not many but some big Bulls coming in daily. Mixed with the tuna and Marlin. Comin in on Hoochies and Ballyhoo

Roosterfish- as usual this time of year, lots of Gallos along all beach’s. Not much pressure with all the outside action.

Lots of great fotos on our website!!


June 20, 2021

Water- Very flat, clear warming 82-83 degrees.

Air- warming, cool mornings, hot midday, cooling afternoon breezes.

Another week of stellar fishing! 6 straight weeks of a nonstop wide open Yellowfin bite. Literally all anglers targeting are limiting everyday! The Striped Marlin fishing is very very good with most anglers targeting releasing multiples. The big Roosterfish are back lots of 50# plus around inshore with very light pressure. Big Pompano nice Pargo and Grouper are coming to the cleaning table daily.
Lots of big Sardine available..
A very good week of fishing!!

Yellowfin- Multiple Pods of Porpoise are holding tuna from 7-40 miles offshore. Limits all anglers. Fish fro 5-60#’s. Because the Pods are so spread and numerous there are not many boats on any one. The fish are staying up and biting everything thrown at them. Very very good tuna fishing for the past six weeks!

Billfish- Lots of Stripers mixed with a few Sails. Very close inside 3-7 miles offshore on the drop offs off La Ribera. Multiple releases. Not a lot of pressure as most anglers going for the tuna. The best bait by far, slow trolled Ballyhoo.

Roosterfish- Loads of big Gallo’s were back along all beach’s this week. Fish over 50#’s common. Taking the Sardine. Quite a few releases on flies.

Bottom- African and Gafftail Pompano still biting aggressively on the Sardine. Mixed with some nice Pargo an Grouper. Drift fishing Sardine.

Another week of very good fishing!!


June 27, 2021

Water- 86 degrees, very warm water for June. Clear and flat.,

Air- Clear skies, cool mornings, midday highs in the 80’s. Cooling afternoon breezes.

Another stellar week of fishing! The warmer than normal water seems to be helping the fishing! Limits of Yellowfin for all anglers for the 7th straight week. Lots of Striped Marlin being released daily. The boats are limiting on tuna by 11, coming back inside and releasing multiple billfish! One boat releasing 5! The Dorado are finally showing in good numbers, with some big Bulls coming in daily. Big Roosterfish are abundant along all beach’s, 50#ers are common..
Lots of good bait available.

Yellowfin- multiple pods of Porpoise are holding tuna from 5 to 40 miles offshore. Limits all anglers. Footballs to 60#’s. Very aggressive biters hitting almost anything thrown at them. Our 7th straight week of wide open tuna fishing!

Striped Marlin- Mixed with a few Sails. It is unbelievable how many there are close 3-6 miles offshore. All anglers targeting releasing at least one most enjoying multiples. Slow trolled Ballyhoo by far the best bait.

Dorado- Still not wide open, but our best week of this season. Schooling Dorado from 5-30#’s mixed with some big Bulls. Smaller bright tuna feathers and live Sardine are taking the fish.

Roosterfish- Big Gallos along all beach’s. Schools of 20-30 fish all in the 50# plus class cruising inside. A little picky on the bite, large Sardine and Caballito working best. Quite a few released on the flies. Very light fishing pressure.



June 5, 2022

Water- 78-81.. About the same temperature as last week, clear, clean, some afternoon breezes.

Air- Unusually cool mornings and evenings. Highs in the low 80’s. Excellent beautiful weather!

The Yellowfin are here! After a slow start for the tuna this season, large pods of Porpoise are holding medium sized Yellowfin. The tuna started early in the week 50 miles offshore as the week progressed the schools moved closer inshore and are now about 25 miles off. The Striped Marlin are biting consistently mixed with some big Dorado. Inshore some nice Yellowtail in the 30# range are being taken along with Pompano, Pargo, Grouper, and some nice sized Amberjack. The Roosterfishing has improved this week as well. The water and air temps are much cooler than normal for this time of year. Anglers need jackets for the first morning hour of fishing.

Yellowfin- with the much cooler than normal water early in the season the Yellowfin bite was slow. It has picked up this week with Porpoise holding large schools of tuna quite a ways outside. The fish have moved closer and are now 20-25 miles offshore. Taking Hoochies, Cedar plugs , tuna feathers, average fish around 15#’s.

Billfish- Lots of Striped Marlin from 3-10 miles offshore, the bite best off the lighthouse and South. Taking slow trolled Ballyhoo, not much pressure. Boats targeting are usually releasing at least one.

Inshore- with the cooler than normal water some nice Yellowtail in the 20 to 40# class are coming to the cleaning table. Lots of Pompano, some nice sized Pargo, Grouper and Amberjack taking Squid, and Caballito.

Wahoo- Some nice Wahoo in the 40-50# class are being taken directly in front of the hotel, two to three hundred yards off the hotel boat mooring. Almost all on Rapalas.

Roosterfish- Every week we are seeing an improved bite on the Gallos. As the water warms the fishing will improve. Larger Roosters are biting live Caballito.


June 12, 2022

Water- Clear, flat, temperature the same as last week 77-80*

Air- Beautiful, cooler than normal weather highs in the mid 80’s.

A decent week of fishing. The Let’s Talk Hookup tournament went well, with over40 Marlin released. Lots of good sized Striped Marlin mixed with Dorado kept almost all the teams pulling on fish. The Roosterfishing has really picked up, by far the best week of the year. Lots of 20-50#er’s released throughout the week. The tuna are under Porpoise way way outside. All season we’ve enjoyed stellar inshore bottom fishing with quite a few nice Amberjack taken. Yesterday a ranch S Panga boated a 101# Jack! The largest ever caught at Leonero. The fish was taken on 30# test ( IGFA 30# world record is 112# ).

BIllfish- Lots and Lots of Striped Marlin concentrated on the inner banks all with 7 miles off the beach. Good sized fish from 150-200#’s. Lots of boats enjoying multiple releases, one tournament boat released 6 in a day. Slow trolled Ballyhoo are the ticket.

Roosterfish- We’ve had a slow start on the Gallos this year. Finally this week the bite really kicked in. Quite a few fish released in the 20-50# class. The beach off La Capilla is a hot spot and Rincon Bay is producing some big Gallos. We are getting Tube Mackerel ( Chili Willys ) a deadly bait the Roosters are really going for!

Tuna/ Dorado- A few nice sized Yellowfin to 40#’s are being taken closer to shore drift fishing the mackerel. There are tuna under Porpoise very far outside. The Dorado are mixed with the Marlin taking Ballyhoo. A couple of nice sized Dorado are coming in daily.

Inshore/ Bottom- Yellowtail, Pargo, Pompano, Grouper, Sierra and some big Amberjack are all coming off the bottom on the inside drop offs. Very very good bottom fishing.

Jeff Smith
Corpus Christi Texas
100.8 # Amberjack
On Tube Mackerel
30# test
Took one hour off the light house.
Photos on our website



June 19, 2022

Water- Same temperature as last week 79-82*. Clear flat early in the week some wind yesterday.

Air- Very pleasant weather for late June. Cool mornings, daytime highs in the mid 80*’s.

A good week of fishing on the East Cape. The Yellowfin are closer and biting consistently, lots and lots of Striped Marlin on the inside drop offs, the Roosterfish are abundant with good size. A few big bull Dorado taken and as usual exceptional inshore fishing.

Yellowfin- large schools of tuna under the Porpoise 20-30 miles directly off the lighthouse. A very consistent bite on mostly footballs mixed with fish up to 40#’s.
Trolled bright Hoochies, tuna feathers and Rapalas all working.

Roosterfish- The Gallo bite has definitely picked up! Rincon Bay and directly off La Capilla the best spots, producing Roosters to 60#’s. Mackerel and Caballitos best bait for the larger Gallos.

Billfish- Almost all fish released are Stripers, big fish from 125# to 200#’s. A lot of tailers from La Ribera south to Frailles. As usual on the inside drop offs from 2-8 miles offshore. Boats targeting are enjoying multiple releases. Ballyhoo are definitely the best bait.

Dorado- A couple of big Bulls being taken daily. Mixed with the Marlin taking the Ballyhoo. Numerous smaller fish in the mix.

Inshore- Pompano, Pargo, Sierra, Grouper and Amberjack all being taken by anglers fishing inside..

Check out our photos on the ranch website!



June 26, 2022

Water- 79.5* inside 82-84* outside. Clear and flat most of the week.

Air- Warmer this week. Highs in the low 90’s. Our first good rain of the year today.

By far our best fishing week of the season! Limits of Yellowfin for all anglers targeting tuna. Lots of BIG Bull Dorado to 57#’s were taken daily. As usual a strong consistent Striped Marlin bite. Our best fishing of the year this week for Roosterfish with 40-60#er’s common. Not much fishing pressure inside, the few anglers that are fishing are taking big Pargo, Grouper and Amberjack! A stellar week of fishing!!! The water is cooler inside and warms rapidly further offshore.

Dorado- All big fish from 25-60#’s. Four or five a day coming to the cleaning table. ( We’re sending out 10-11 boats a day ). Mixed with the Stripers and Yellowfin, biting inshore and outside. Taking Ballyhoo and Cedar Plugs.

Yellowfin- Spread Pods of Porpoise are holding football to medium sized tuna. The schools are really moving around, closest 5 miles off to 35 miles. All boats are limiting!
Small bright Hoochies, tuna feathers and cedar plugs all working.

Striped Marlin- Lots around as usual. Most hanging on the inshore banks and quite a few outside in the warmer water. Most boats targeting are releasing at least a couple. Loving the slow rolled Ballyhoo.

Roosterfish- Big Gallos this week! Best Roosterfishing of the season!! 40#’s common, quite a few bumping up to 60#. All beach’s producing fish. The Lighthouse and Rincon have been the hottest spots. Taking Caballito and quite a few on the fly..

After a slow start this year the fishing has really picked up! I expect this exceptional fishing to continue.

Two groups held tournaments at the ranch this week. Team Wilson ( they race the Baja 1000 every year ) and the Galli group having their 23rd annual tourney. Both tournaments really loaded up with Yellowfin, Dorado and Stripers. A great week of fishing.


June 04, 2023

Water- 81-83*. Warming fast, clear flat water all week.

Air- Beautiful days ! Mid 60’s in the morning, warming to the mid 80’s midday. Clear blue skies.

Another stellar week of fishing! The most consistent Yellowfin bite for the last three weeks I can recall! Not one slow day. The tuna are bigger and have moved in closer this week. Lots and lots of Striped Marlin again this week, with multiple releases common. The big Gallos have shown up close to the ranch with lots of 40-70# fish being released. Not many but real quality Dorado from 30-50#’s are being taken daily. The inshore fishing has been very good with big African Pompano to 20#’s taken daily.

Yellowfin- Huge schools of tuna under massive pods of Porpoise have moved much closer to shore. The fish are 5-10 miles off the beach. Larger fish this week. Most taken on Hoochies with some larger fish to 40#’s take on live Caballito. Limits all anglers!

Striped Marlin- Tailers everywhere.. Boats targeting billfish are enjoying multiple releases. Most boat picking up at least one fishing for the tuna. Big Stripers, lots in the 200# class. Trolled Ballyhoo and Lures working,with quite a few taken on Hoochies!

Roosterfish- The Gallo bite has really picked up this week! Big Gorillas from 40-70#’s are taking Caballito at the light house and most Palmas Bay beaches..

Dorado- Not many but the fish coming in are all bulls from 30-50#’s. Mixed with the tuna. Taken on Hoochies and live Caballito..

Inshore- Lots and lots of African Pompano take daily,
many in the 20# class. Some nice Pargo to 25#’s.