Sept 9 2018

Water- 88-91. Warmer than usual water. Clear, Flat mornings, afternoon ESE breezes.

Air- very pleasant. Highs in the low 90’s. Some rain.

It’s all about the tuna this week.
Avery very consistent bite. All anglers limiting. Very spread north and south. Most taken on Sardine and some on chunk squid. Some Dorado mixed in. A slower Wahoo bite this week. Lot’s of big Roosterfish along the beach’s. Quite a few billfish around with very light fishing pressure.

Yellowfin- a mile off the hotel. 10-70# tuna. Lot’s of areas both north and south holding tuna. Most within a 1/2 mile off the beach. Limits all anglers.

Dorado- slower this week. Mixed with the tuna. Mostly schooling size. A few nice bulls taken this week.

Billfish. Most anglers going for the tuna. Very light pressure. They are around. Capt Ramon on El Jefe released four Stripers and two sails in one day last week. Trolled Ballyhoo by far the best bait.

Inshore- As usual good fishing inside. Some nice Pargo and lots of Roosters. Again not much pressure.



September 16 2018

Water- cooler this week 85-87. Clear, flat, the usual afternoon ESE breezes.

Air- Very pleasant for September, highs in the 80’s. Afternoon rain yesterday..

Again this week, it’s all about the Yellowfin. The fish are bunched up close to the hotel both north and south. The inshore fishing has been very good with lots of Pompano, Pargo and big Amberjack. Big Roosterfish were released all week. A few Dorado and Wahoo were in the mix as well. Good bait available Sardine, Mackerel, and Squid all working.

Yellowfin- Two areas have been producing limits of 10-40# fish, with a few taken to 70#. 1-2 miles off Punta Pescadero the tuna have been biting almost exclusively on chunk Squid. 1-2 miles off La Ribera, limits of Yellowfin are taking mostly Sardine. The school has moved from Punta Colorado north to La Ribera over the course of the week. Very good tuna fishing !

Dorado- Slower this week. A few nice Bulls were taken..

Inshore- lot’s of big Pompano. Some whopper Pargo and nice sized Amberjack are all biting on the bottom on the inside drop offs.
Big Gallo’s are cruising all the beach’s both north and south. Not much pressure.
Most anglers are staying on the tuna.



September 23 2018

Water- 86-88. Clear, flat, some rain early in the week..

Air- Very pleasant and cool for September. Highs in the low 90’s.

Once again this week, it’s all about the tuna. Limits for all anglers all week.
A few Dorado and Wahoo taken. The inshore fishing has been stellar with big Amberjack, Pargo, and Pompano. Big Rooster’s are being released daily.
Live Sardine is by far the best bait, chunk Squid has been working.

Yellowfin- 1-2 miles off Rincon and off Punta Pescadero. Both areas producing limits of Yellowfin from 5-20#’s with the occasional 40-50#er’s mixed in. Sardine is by far the best bait. Earlier in the week some larger Yellowfin in the 30# class were taken under fast moving schools of Porpoise 10-15 miles offshore. All on Hoochies and Cedar plugs. Quite a few White Skipjack are being taken as well.

Inshore- Pargo in the 5-15 # class, nice Pompano and big Amberjack are coming off the inside drop off’s. All taken on Squid.
Big Roosters in the 30-60# range, closer to the beach were released all week.

Almost a carbon copy of last weeks report.


September 30 2018

Water- Cooling 84-86 Clear flat

Air- Some rain early in the week, very cool pleasant clear days, highs in the 80's..

It has been a good year for Yellowfin , tuna taken literally every fishable day this season, this week was no exception.. The big news this week is Wahoo.. Very similar fishing this week as in the past months for the tuna, Pargo, Amberjack, Pompano and Roosterfish. Very good consistent fishing! The Wahoo are a long ride south off Cerro Colorado, anglers taking the ride are picking up two or three fish in the 20-50# class on marauders and Rapala's.. Striped Marlin mixed with Sails and Blues are 20-30 miles offshore.. Mackerel and Squid and Sardine are available

Wahoo- 1/2 to 2 miles off Cerro Colorado, an hour and a half boat ride south. Two or three taken per boat., in the 20-50# class, all on Rapala's and Marauder's..

Yellowfin- Very close to shore 1 -2 miles off shore off La Ribera and Rincon, limits all anglers 5-20# er's common, a few to 50#'s.. Very good tuna fishing...

Billfish- Way outside. Boats searching for Porpoise holding tuna are catching and releasing Stripers, Sails and Blues..

Inside- Big Pargo, Pompano and Amberjack. Very good consistent fishing on the bottom. Two Pargo last week over 30#'s, lots of Amberjack to 50#. The Pompano are a 100 yards off the light house.

Roosterfish- Big Gallo's all week. Not much pressure. Lot's around..


September 1 2019

Water- 84-86. Clear and flat.

Air- Some light rain this week, highs in the low 90’s.

Good fishing again this week. Very similar to the past three weeks. The Dorado and Wahoo fishing has been very consistent, the bill fishing has been excellent with lots of Stripers, Blues, Blacks and Sails released daily. Big Roosters in the 50# plus class are plentiful and biting aggressively. The bottom fishing has been nothing short of spectacular with lots of big Amberjack from 30-90#’s, big Pargo and Grouper mixed with Pompano all being taken daily on the inside drop offs..

Wahoo- Off the white cliffs at Vinaramas. All within 2 miles of shore. Fish from 20-75# taken daily. Most boats taking at least one. Rapalas, Marauders, live Caballito the best baits.

Dorado- Bigger fish this week. Large schools mostly south, in the same areas as the Wahoo but another couple of miles further offshore. Average fish 5-15#, with quite a few Bulls taken in the 30-40# range. The smaller schooling fish taking Hoochies and chunk Squid. The larger trolled Marlin lures, Ballyhoo and live Caballito.

Billfish- Very good Marlin fishing! Very spread, but best off the La Ribera bank south to Frailles and south. Lots and lots of Stripers. Every third or fourth Billfish a Blue or Black. A few Sails mixed in. Ballyhoo, trolled larger lures and live Caballito all working.

Roosterfish- light fishing pressure. Lot’s of big Gallo’s being released from close to the beach both north and south. Live Caballito the best bait. The Roosters have been hitting the fly’s all week.

Bottom/Inshore- Very, very good bottom fishing. Lot’s of big Amberjack to 90#’s this week, big Pargo to 34#’s, Grouper and Pompano all biting. Cut Skipjack and chunked Squid are both working.


September 8, 2019

Water- 85-88. Clear and flat.

Air- Clear mornings, afternoon clouds over the mountains with a couple afternoon light showers. Highs in the low 90’s.

Another very good week of fishing. The Yellowfin showed this week with some nice fish to 100#’s. Lot’s of Dorado very spread, most anglers limiting. Anglers are still taking Wahoo, not as many as last week. The billfishing is nothing short of extraordinary, lot’s of Blues and Blacks mixed with the Stripers and a few Sails. Some big Pargo, ompano and Amberjack taken off the bottom this week. Lot’s of big Roosterfish along the beach’s both north and south.

Yellowfin- The tuna really showed up this week. Big fish taken both inside and outside under the Porpoise. Some big fish. Lot’s of 40-50# er’s and quite a few to 100#. About 30miles offshore both north and south. The Porpoise are holding some big Yellowfin. Inside off the lighthouse and Rincon producing some nice fish as well. A lot of big fish getting off both inside and outside. The tuna are picky biters, the boats are using 30# fluorocarbon. Live Caballito, slow trolled Ballyhoo, Cedar plugs and Hoochies all working..

Dorado- lot’s around, very spread, the bites best south. Limits for most anglers, the average fish around 10#’s. Lot’s of releases on smaller fish. Some big Bulls taken to 35#. Hoochies, trolled feathers, live Caballito, chunk Skipjack and Squid all working.

Billfish- very, very good Marlin fishing. Most boats targeting, are releasing at least three. About every third or fourth fish released is a Blue or Black. A few Sails mixed in. As usual the La Ribera bank south to Frailles has been loaded with billfish. Very spread as well, with quite a few released mixed with the Porpoise. Trolled Ballyhoo, live Caballito and darker colored Marlin lures.

Wahoo- not as many as last week, but still a good Wahoo bite. south off Vinaramas and the lighthouse producing fish to 60#. CD-18 Rapalas have been deadly.

Inside- not much fishing pressure, most anglers are outside chasing the Pelagics. Some big Amberjack, Pargo and Pompano taken again this week. Chunk Squid and Skipjack are the only baits working.

Roosterfish- Big Gallo’s to 60#’s along most beach’s.. very light fishing pressure.


September 15, 2019

Water- 86, clear, flat.. light afternoon easterly breezes.

Air- highs in the low 90’s, a couple of afternoon rain showers this week, The cape is green.. Beautiful summer weather..

A very, very good week of fishing!!
Yellowfin, Dorado, Wahoo, Sails, Stripers, Blacks and Blues, Roosterfish, Pargo, Amberjack, and Pompano..All biting aggressively..
Palmas bay is full of Sardine, lot’s available for all boats. The good bait is really
helping the fishing.
A short boat ride for anglers, with the exception of Wahoo, all the fish are very close, with the best fishing from the hotel south to Frailles.

Yellowfin- Early in the week big tuna to 100# were taken 20-40 miles outside under the Porpoise, later in the week all the Yellowfin were caught closer inshore 1-3 miles off Rincon. Limits for all anglers.. the fish inside are from 5-45#. Anglers are releasing the smaller fish. Live Sardine by far the best bait. A great week of tuna fishing.

Dorado- Mixed with the tuna, and very spread, mostly south.. lots of schools of smaller to medium sized fish with a few Bulls mixed in. Anglers are releasing smaller fish and still catching limits. The larger fish taken on trolled Ballyhoo and lures. Anglers finding the big schools are using Sardine. Very good Dorado fishing.

Billfish- light fishing pressure, most anglers are targeting the meat fish. As usual a very strong bite on Stripers, Sails, and a Blue and Black Marlin. A local La Ribera Pangero caught an 800# Black this week. Off the La Ribera drop off south to Frailles. They love the Ballyhoo, trolled lures working, live Caballito all effective.

Wahoo- Some nice sized Wahoo taken the week, to 70#. A long boat ride, so not much fishing pressure.. Anglers making the run to the Vinaramas white cliffs are picking up fish from one to two miles off the beach. Trolled CD 18 Rapalas have been deadly. Anglers coming down interested in Wahoo should bring at least one or two.

Roosterfish- not much pressure. Lot’s around, 50#ers released are common. The Sardine have helped the Gallo bite. All ECape beach’s are holding nice fish.

Inshore/bottom- outstanding fishing on the inside drop offs. Big Amberjack, Pargo, Pompano and Black Grouper all being taken daily. Live Sardine, Chunks Squid and Skipjack are the best baits.


September 22, 2019

Water- 84-88. Clear and flat before the storm Friday. Still a little dirty after, but cleaning up fast. The storm did not bring a lot of rain, so water isn’t too dirty.

Air- Early in the week, clear skies and temps in the 90’s. Some rain and a lot of wind Friday.

For most of the week the very good fishing continued. A strong Yellowfin bite, lot’s of Billfish, Wahoo taken daily. Good inshore fishing as well. Not as many Dorado as last week...We pulled the hotel fleet out of the water Thursday afternoon. Hurricane Lorena hit us midday Friday. It could have been a lot worse. We had heavy sustained winds for over five hours., with surprisingly light rain. The Palapa roofs took a beating and a few windows were broken. Overall not too bad. The hotel had over 20 guests that had the opportunity to experience a hurricane first hand...
The hotel is open and it’s business as usual!!

Yellowfin- A good consistent bite. Most taken off Rincon and the lighthouse, two to three miles offshore. Fish from 5-35#’s. Live a Sardine and chunked Squid the baits both working.

Billfish- Lot’s and lot’s of Stripers, Sails, and mostly Black Marlin. All anglers targeting billfish are releasing at least one and most multiples. Lot’s of big Blacks and Blues this season. Slow trolled Ballyhoo, darker lures and live Caballito all working.

Wahoo- Around the lighthouse and the White cliffs off of Vinaramas. Fish from 20-55#’s. A little slower than last week. CD-18 Rapalas have been the ticket.

Inshore- the inside drop offs have been producing Amberjack, Dogtooth snapper, Pompano and some nice Grouper. Very good bottom fishing. Chunk Skipjack and Squid are the best baits.

Roosterfish- lot’s of big Gallo’s around, inside along most beach’s. Very light fishing pressure. Most anglers are going for the meat fish.

Large schools of Sardine throughout Palmas bay is really helping the fishing.


September 29, 2019

Water- cooler water after Lorena 82-84. The water was dirty early in the week, clear, flat and clean by the end of the week.

Air- Really nice weather! Clear skies. Highs in the mid 80’s, cool mornings in the low 70’s, Lorena really brought us an early fall..

A slow start, as the week progressed and the water cleared, the fishing improved everyday. Early in the week, lot’s of Skipjack and a few Dorado. On Wednesday the bite picked up with limits of Yellowfin and Dorado coming to the cleaning table. Very good bottom fishing again this week with Black Grouper, Pompano and Amberjack being taken on the inside drop offs. The billfish are around, but almost all anglers are targeting the Dorado and Tuna. Lot’s of Roosterfish around but again not much fishing pressure. The Sardine are plentiful and really helping the fishing.

Dorado- large schools, very spread both north and south. Most boats are fishing around the lighthouse and south to Rincon. Limits most anglers on 5-15# fish. Live Sardine are the ticket.

Yellowfin- Rincon is producing the Yellowfin. Lot’s around, most anglers limiting from midweek on. Almost all on live Sardine. Fish from 5-25#.

Inshore/bottom- Anglers are catching lot’s of Black Grouper 500 feet down. Big Pompano are biting aggressively. A few nice Amberjack were taken this week.
Chunk Skipjack and Squid are working best deep, the Sardine closer to the surface

Everyday the fishing has been improving as the water clears..


September 6, 2020

Water- The water cleaned all week. Blue and clear 85-87 degrees all week. Beautiful flat water with very light winds.

Air- Cool for September. Highs in the low 90’s, some light rain early in the week, blue skies and light afternoon breezes from midweek on.

A much improved week of fishing! The water cleaned up and the fishing definitely picked up. Wahoo have finally arrived in decent numbers, Yellowfin are being taken both inside and outside under the Porpoise. Lot’s of Dorado around early in the week. The billfish bite opened up Friday. The bottom fishing has been good and consistent as usual. Lots of good live Sardine available is really helping the fishing. There are lots and lots of Skipjack with the Yellowfin inside.

Wahoo- 2 or 3 a day are coming to the cleaning table. Nice fish from 25-45 #. Most taken on Rapalas, Marauders, and slow trolled Ballyhoo. 1/2 to 3 miles off the beach from the park boundary to Punta Colorado. The lighthouse area picking up the most fish. By far the best Wahoo fishing of the year!

Yellowfin- The Tuna fishing really picked up this week. Lots of footballs mixed with bigger fish in the 30-60# range taken both inside in the same areas as the Wahoo and 10-20 miles offshore outside under the Porpoise. The Sardine are really working with lots of chumming bringing the fish up. Hoochies, Cedar plugs, and Sardine are working on the schools outside. Inside lots of Skipjack being taken with about two for every Yellowfin.

Striped and Blue Marlin- The bite was slow until late in the week around Friday. Then billfish really started biting. Lots around from Frailles North. On the drop offs from Punta Colorado to La Ribera best. Trolled Ballyhoo, live Caballito best baits.

Bottom- Amberjack, Grouper and lots of Pompano are biting on the inside high spots. Chunk Squid and Skipjack really working. The Sardine are catching a lot of fish as well.

A good week. Check out the photos on our website.



September 20, 2020

Water- 86 clear, clean, flat mornings, light afternoon SE wind..

Air- Surprisingly cool for September, very pleasant weather, highs in the low 90’s.

A much improved week of fishing! A strong consistent Tuna bite, big Amberjack and Pargo, some Dorado, and the Roosterfish have returned. Lot’s of good sized Sardine available is helping the fishing. Not much fishing pressure on the billfish.

The very consistent fishing for big Yellowfin has kept all Ranch anglers busy. Lots of full ice chests heading North.

Yellowfin- Quality fish ranging from 15-58#. Most boats taking at least four or five, lots are limiting. Close inshore off La Ribera, the lighthouse, Rincon and the white cliffs off Vinaramas. All fish taken within two miles of the beach, almost all on Sardine. Boats going outside are catching smaller Tuna under the Porpoise. Very very good Tuna fishing.

Pargo and Amberjack- Quite a few Amberjack taken this week, from 20-50#’s. Big Dog toothed Pargo to 35#’s! Lot’s of Pompano. All taken fishing the bottom with Sardine.

Billfish/ Roosterfish- The Big Gallos have returned! Very light fishing pressure, Lots cruising close to shore.. Lots of billfish are around, very picky biters, again most anglers going for the Tuna.

A good week. Check out the photos on our website.



September 19. 2021

Water- 84*. Hurricane Olaf created dirty water early in the week. It’s cleaning and warming daily. Almost back to normal.

Air- Nice weather. Cool mornings and cooler pleasant days. Highs in the low 90’s. Afternoon rains in the mountains. After all the rain this year the E Cape has turned into a brilliant green jungle!!

After Hurricane Olaf brought lots of rain, the water cooled down ten degrees, the arroyos opened up and muddied the water out front. The cooler dirtier water slowed the fishing early in the week. Everyday the fishing has improved as the water cleared and warmed, the last couple of days we are back to the good consistent fishing we’ve enjoyed all season. Striped Marlin are back very close inshore and are biting aggressively. Nice sized Yellowfin are being taken daily, a few Dorado are coming to the cleaning table daily. The bottom fishing as usual has been very good all week with limits of big Pargo and Pompano and some big Amberjack being taken daily. The fishing will be back to normal this coming week. Lots of big Sardine available.

Billfish- A slow start early in the week. The fishing has improved as the week progressed and we are back to a wide open Striped Marlin bite these past couple of days. A few SailsandBlues mixed in. As usual the Marlin within four miles of the beach from the hotel to Frailles. Trolled plastic working, by far the best bait is slow trolled Ballyhoo.

Yellowfin- Nice sized fish to 50#’s. Solitary tuna all taken drift fishing with live Sardine. Most taken at RinCon on the park boundary. Mixed with infinite numbers of Skipjack

Dorado- Mixed with the tuna and all taken on Sardine. Medium sized fish to 15#’s as the week progressed the bite improved.

Bottom- Very good fishing all week! The bottom always produces, even after hurricanes!! . Big Pargo to 20#’s. Lots of good sized African and Gafftail Pompano and a few big Amberjack. All anglers scoring big. Live Sardine and chunk Skipjack working best.