Jeff DeBrown Guest Feedback

I want to thank you guys for a delightful stay. As a professional guide my self I know a good one when I fish with him. Keep Jeff he is a keeper. -Dean Reiner

Here is Dean Reiner and his daughter Mandy showing off two rooster fish that they caught from the beach with Jeff deBrown early in the week.

Fly Fishing with Pookie
Written By Dean Reiner of Hatch Finders Fly Shop

Baja on the Fly

Baja on a fly, one of the most productive trips I have taken so far. If you remember an article a few years back I went to Cobo on the cheap. Well it wasn't so cheap, so this time I did a little research for top-notch hotels and guide service. I came up with Jeff deBrown of The Reel Baja, a guide service that's been in business on the East Cape for the past 10 years. Jeff demonstrated to me a complete knowledge of the area and the fish. Jeff provided a complete guide service of on shore fly fishing and if desired ponga fishing for species like Derado, further out in deep water. As my Spanish was a little rough, having an American guide was a definite plus. To contact Jeff email him at From experienced to novice fly fisherman Jeff will put you on the fish.

Jeff lined us out on our hotel accommodations also. On the East Cape there are many hotels of various degrees of coast. He recommend the Rancho Leonero Resort, a sleepy fishing destination in Baja California Sur's East Cape region, far removed from the drug-related violence in Mexico. Rooms were 4 star, as was the restaurant located at the hotel. Meals were included in the cost of the rooms that made the $98.00 single room rate very reasonable. Rancho Leonero Resort offers many packages for different needs. Whether you go on your own or decide to bring a companion, or the family, you will find all you needs at Rancho Leonero. To find them on the Web go to

Jeff supplied all the flies and if needed he will supply rods and lines included in his package. I decided to try out two ECHO 7wt spay rods, and Dan Bailey LA-O reels, and airflow Skagit lines. Having bad shoulders fishing a two handed rod seemed the right thing to do. Fishing from the beach meant I had no problems with a back cast and I could roll cast at least 80' if needed. That distance put me on the fish. When fishing from the ponga we used Jeff's gear.

For years I've been promising my daughters to take them salt water fishing. On March 8th I was able to take Mandy my youngest daughter to East Cape Baja for a week of fishing. Three years ago Mandy gave me a wonderful grandson, whom I hope to give him his first salt-water experience. Mandy has been fishing with me since she was 8 years old and always wanted to go to an exotic location like Mexico to try her hand at some big fish. I thought she did a wonderful job. I gave her a 12'6" ECHO #2 spay rod to cast for the first time. After about 10 minutes she was casting 60' with little effort. It was enough to bust all the buttons on my shirt. Roosters, Sierras, Jacks, and Skipjacks were added to her list of species that week. To give Mandy the full treatment, we did two days on the beach and three days in the ponga. We drew a big goose egg with the pongas, but did very well on the beach. I attribute this to the fact that fishing in the Sea of Cortez in March can be very windy, with high seas. The most productive time on the Baja will be from June through November.

I've been asked what my thoughts were for this summer season. First the snow pack is just right. We should have plenty of water. The run-off will be as long as it has to be, too hard to predict. I do believe that fishing on the Yellowstone will be as good as it was last year, good news for the few guides that will work this summer. Pressure on the river should be like it was last year with plenty of pleasure floaters. The economy will reduce some of the paying clients as they were hit fairly hard this year. We will all take a hit this summer, some more than others. To all the guides out there, I say "watch your pennies, be optimistic, work hard and when not busy with clients, go fishing". You will be see more of Pookie and I on the river, it's my time.

Now for some house keeping at Hatch Finders. As you know I've been talking about a home for me during the winter. From the Bahamas to the West Pacific from South America to Alaska I've been looking for a location to fish in warm water. After this trip to the Baja I have found it to be the most cost efficient, air fair included, with the ease of fishing on my own, food that expands my waist line and people that are helpful and friendly. For the next two or three years I plan on taking two to three trips each winter. After almost 30 years living in Livingston and over 20 years outfitting, I have reached the magical years of retirement. This past January, I turned Hatch Finders Fly Shop over to my daughter Dandy Reiner. She is responsible for its daily operation and all executive decisions. After 4 years of training, she ties all the patterns that has made Hatch Finders the popular fly shop it has become.

Over the past 10 years, Hatch Finders has done so well that even in this down turn in the economy, we plan on supplying the anglers and guides of Livingston the best quality of trout flies and guided float trips in this area. Pookie and I will be sticking our noses in from time to time to help Dandy with the tying during the summer rush, but Pookie and I will be spending most of our time catching the many trout I have seen missed through the years. Get out there and fish.

Volume # 6 Number # 1