September 18 - 24, 2016

Just when we thought the fishing could get no better, it got better!!!

Best week this year so far. The weather has settled down. Very low chance of storms, wind or rain. Nice cool mornings with mild calm days.

The striped Marlin bite came back on this week after a few slow weeks. Blues and sails continue to bite as before. Best area continues to be off La Ribera with some fish taken further south near the light house and off Pulmo. Ballyhoo working well.

Tuna are everywhere. There were fish taken off La Ribera, Lighthouse, Pulmo and south of Frailes. Hoochies and squid doing the damage. A mix of sizes from football to 40's.

Schools of Dorado all over as well, again one can be picky about what to keep. There are good fish in the mix.

Wahoo remain very much on the menu. Fish were taken all along the coast as far as Frailes.

The reefs and the shelf off La Ribera produced good quality fish. Huachinango, barred Pargo, pompano, cabrilla, amberjack and tons of triggers were on the cleaning table every day.

Good rooster fish were on offer along all the beaches. Best areas were Marina and Leonero beaches.