October 16 - October 23, 2016

Water- 84-85 cooling, clean blue water.. One day of wind Friday..

Air- Cool mornings in the 60's, highs in the mid 80's. Beautiful fall weather.

The hotel was slow and began sending boats out Thursday. Thursday was breezy but Friday and Saturday were flat and the fishing really kicked back in.

Yellowfin- South of Frailles, Vinaramas, and all the way to Iman Bank. All taken off the drop off's on chunk Squid.. 20 to 40# fish common. For the last two days, larger Tuna to 250#'s are being taken from under the Porpoise outside.

Dorado- The Dorado have been scarce the last couple of week, in the last couple of day's they have returned in good numbers. Mostly schooling smaller fish, mixed with some nice 15 to 25# er's. Squid and fast trolled Hoochies working best.

Wahoo- Slowing some. Still a couple a day to the cleaning table 20 to 50#'s. Some on Squid most on trolled Marauders and Rapala's.

Billfish- Lot's of Blues mixed with Sailfish. Not much pressure as most anglers targeting the tuna and dorado. Still best off the La Ribera Bank.

Inside- Some big Amberjack, all taken on dead Skipjack. Lot's of Pargo, both Barred and Dog Tooth.. On the drop off's. Close to the beach with almost no fishing pressure, Roosters and Pompano.


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