Hurricane Odile Update: 9/19

The Ranch is open. We encourage travelers and residents affected by Hurricane Odile to take a taxi or call us for a pick up if they would rather stay away from the situation in downtown Cabo. Tel#001-880-646-2252. Due to the closure of the airport, previously reserved rooms have been made available. We have our own independent water and power source and provide three meals a day for our guests. Our fishing fleet was not affected and we continue to send boats out. Highway 1 is now passable from to downtown Cabo to La Paz as an arroyo just north of the airport that was previously blocking the road is now clear. SJD airport is still closed to repair substantial damage, though planes from Alaska, American, United Airlines and the Mexican Military have arrived to deliver supplies and transfer tourists out of the area. As soon as we know when SJD or the La Paz airport opens, we will let you know. We apologize for any delay in information as we are aprehensive about reporting rumors. However, you may wish to use twitter with the hashtag #hurricanodile to see what people are saying on the ground.