Fish Report - October 25, 2014

The Environment - Almost perfect! We’re experiencing beautiful fall weather with no wind to speak of, nice cool mornings and nice warm days. We also are in the dark phase of the moon. In spite of all this, the fishing is what we’d call slow.

The Bottom Line - A marlin here and there, good-to-very-good dorado; virtually no tuna, decent pompano and cabrilla. Not much happening on the troll. We are getting good bait in the form of sardina and caballito. Best bet for consistent fishing is inshore and off the bottom. Call it a 7 on the Rancho Leonero 1 to 10 scale.

Billfish -Agua Dulce with Captain Juan caught a blue and a striped marlin on Wednesday on the same day Moho fought a blue for 4 hours. They got it to the boat three times and on the last run were unable to hold on. They were pretty beaten and bruised. Jack Nielsen on Jen Wren got into some billfish earlier in the week as well. They went way out about 30 miles to find that action. After Wednesday it was slow again.

Yellowfin Tuna - In a word: adios.

Dorado - These continue to be small with the best bite around the lighthouse. Anglers hold schools by chumming ‘em up with sardina.

Wahoo – Nope.

Roosterfish – Some being seen, hooked and landed around the marina walls. Early in the day there have been some sierra mixed in with the scattered roosters.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch ...

Those fishing the bottom caught pompano, cabrilla, largo and a lot of triggers. One panga went north to try Punta Perico. He broke off some nice pargo before the needlefish made a mess of things.