July 22, 2017

Environment – It probably won’t get much better … Water temps were 82- to 84-degrees inside; 85- to 88-degrees outside. Calm, clear and flat all week. Air temperatures were still slightly cooler than normal with highs in the low 90s and nice afternoon easterly cooling breezes.

The Bottom Line: Everything from dorado to blue marlin to wahoo were within 15 miles of the hotel.  The lighthouse was just plain deadly with VW Beetle-size roosters cruising the beach.  The northern end and outside Pulmo Park boundaries were highly productive.

Billfish – Very light pressure on the billfish despite there being lots and lots around.  All anglers who targeted them scored. It was a very good week for blue marlin, with numerous released. Most fish were taken between La Ribera and Pulmo, 8 to 15 miles out.

Dorado – Lots of schools of 5-to 12-pounders around the shark bouys to the north and off Pulmo, but it’s best to be one of the first boats there. In addition to some big bulls taken on the marlin lures, live bait and squid are working well.

Roosterfish– These are consistently some of the biggest roosters we’ve ever seen. Rancho skippers come back daily with tales of 60- to 80-pounders grabbing trolled bait. Some they land; others, well, you know … Tuna – Sporadic. Good-sized fish in the 30s were hungry; a big strip of squid in the chum line was doing the trick. Smaller fish were taking the hoochies and cedar plugs in the same area. All the dorado make it hard for anglers to target tuna.

Wahoo – One or two are coming to the cleaning table daily … 40- to 60-pound fish. All are within 15 miles of the hotel. The lighthouse has been deadly as usual, and the northern end and outside of Pulmo Park boundaries have been very productive.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch.... We’ve been getting big sardina for bait; the beaches around Leonero are full of whopper-sized roosters, and all in all, it has been a great week of fishing!

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