Week Ending April 13, 2014

Rancho Leonero Resort, East Cape, BCS, Mexico
A report right from the source:

Water - A big temperature spike this week, the water temp range was from 77 to 81 degrees. The water was clear and flat with afternoon breezes early in the week.

Air - Pleasant, cool mornings; highs in the mid 80's.

The Summary:

It was all about the marlin this week. Excellent striped marlin fishing with some good-sized fish in the 200-plus pound range, very concentrated right off the La Ribera drop off and south to the Light House. Boats targeting bill fish are releasing at least one per day but four or five fish released daily has not been unusual.

Good dorado fishing, although not wide open, are still a couple per boat per day averaging from 10 to 15 pounds; the largest was 37 pounds.

The pompano are still biting, with very light fishing pressure. The roosters really came in as well. Large schools are feeding right in front of the hotel. Hotel guests were picking off 30-pounders on iron right off the rocks in front.

The Environment :

Mild, warm days with mild, cool nights --- no extreme highs or lows.

The Bottom Line :

About a 7 or 8 on a 1-10 scale!

Marlin –At least one striper per day; most boats are enjoying multiple releases outside of the area between La Ribera and Punta Colorado … almost all are on trolled rigged ballyhoo.

Dorado – Rancho Leonero boats are finding bigger fish in the same area as the marlin, with schoolies closer inside … just 2 to 3 miles off the hotel. Again, ballyhoo has been working like a charm.

Roosterfish –The pez gallo are really charging the beach. At dinner this past week on two nights, roosters started feeding in the water right off the hotel. Hotel anglers hurriedly swapped their forks for fishing rods and picked up some nice 20- to 30-pounders.