We are so happy to have you visiting us! Below are some frequently asked questions that will be helpful for your upcoming trip. 1.) Should I purchase travel insurance? Yes. For our guests that are concerned about possible changes and restrictions that could impede travel, we suggest purchasing travel insurance for your trip. For a small amount, your costs for tickets and deposits are insurable, which can offer peace of mind in these uncertain times. For your consideration, the link below is a familiar insurance company:  https://safariglobaltravel.com/. 2.) HOW MUCH CASH WILL I NEED? We recommend bringing at least $800 - $1,000 cash (dollars) for the taxi, bait, boat and staff gratuities, and incidentals. There is no ATM at the Resort, or anywhere nearby and we cannot offer cash advances on credit cards. 3.) What is the normal gratuity for the boat crews? How about the hotel staff? In the past years it was customary for the hotel industry to add 10% service which was assessed at checkout as gratuity, but we believe a gratuity should be earned, not expected. The normal gratuity for boat crews is 10-20% of the boat cost. The hotel staff has a tip box in the front office. We recommend tipping 10 - 15% or so, according to your levels of satisfaction with service. 4.) Do I need a passport? Do I need a travel Visa? Yes, you will need a valid passport for travel to Mexico. The travel visa you need is called an immigration form.  You will get one your international flight to fill out and the cost is included in your airfare.  If you are on a domestic flight, like Volaris, you will need to obtain the immigrations form at the airport and pay a fee if you are staying longer than 7 days. 5.) Do you have beach towels? We do have beach towels available to borrow from the front desk. 6.) Do I need an adapter? You will not need an adapter, our outlets are Standard U.S. outlets. 7.) Do you have WIFI? Is there are a charge? We do have free WIFI. Please ask the front desk for the password. 8.) Do you have hair dryers in the room? We do not have hair dryers in the rooms, but we do have normal sized hair dryers available to borrow from the front desk. 9.) Do you have toiletries in the bathrooms? We have simple shampoo packets and soaps. 10.) Are there fridges, Coffee Makers, or TV's in the rooms? There are no fridges, Coffee Makers, or TV's in the rooms.  If a fridge is required for storing medications, one can be requested. We also have a free coffee and tea bar in the dining room. Please help yourself to a hot beverage any time! 11.) Are snacks included with the meals? Snacks are not included in the meals. There is a delicious appetizer menu available in the bar or poolside from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. 12.) Do you have a gift store? We do have a gift store with basic amenities, T-shirts, hats and souvenirs. 13.) Can I bring my own alcohol? Rancho Leonero has a 'No outside alcohol policy', but we do have the least expensive bar drinks/beers available anywhere. Ice cold Beers are $2-$3, Mixed drinks are $5 14.)  How do I bring my fish home? There is an off-site company (The East Cape Smoke House) that you can request to pick up your fish at the dock and flash freeze or smoke your fresh catch. ($2-$5/lb.).  We also have coolers you can purchase for a small price that will hold up to 50 pounds of frozen fish. This is the best way to ensure your fish is completely frozen for transport.

We do have a guest freezer, but if you choose to use the freezer to freeze your fish, please note that RANCHO LEONERO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN, OR UNFROZEN FISH!! If you decide to use the freezer, bring a 40 quart cooler as luggage, Zip Lock Bags (gallon & quart size) and a sharpie.

Follow your fish to the fish cleaning station, bag your own fish as it’s being cleaned and clearly label your bags (don’t forget to tip the fish cleaner). This is self service, so place your bagged fish on a shelf. Pack your frozen fish in your cooler and check it as luggage (do NOT add any ice).  15.) How do I get to the Ranch from the Airport? About one week prior to your arrival, please call or email us your flight details: Airline, Flight #, Arrival time and the # in your party.  You will receive an email directly from the taxi company with a transfer voucher you can print and present the driver. Once you land in San Jose Del Cabo, go through customs and exit the terminal. You will see the driver with a Rancho Leonero sign waiting for you. Please pay the driver directly and in cash. It is $90 for 2 people/$100 for 3-5 people/over 6 people $20 per person, each way. You can arrange the return taxi at the front desk of the Ranch the day before you check out. Please call us with any other questions you might have! Thank You, Rancho Leonero Staff 800-646-2252