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Diving and Snorkeling Adventures in the Sea of Cortez Jacques Cousteau, the famed diver who played a huge role in promoting conservation of marine resources around the world, called Baja's Sea of Cortez "the world's aquarium" … and with good reason; over 800 species fish inhabit these waters. The staggering amount of bio-diversity makes it one of the greatest places on earth for scuba divers, free divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Rancho Leonero Resort offers a gateway to this magical underwater world that literally begins in our front yard.

Just a brief swim or kayak ride away from the hotel is a double reef that has been a favorite of guests for many years. Offering glimpses of the creatures that call the Sea of Cortez their home, this is a great place to sharpen your snorkeling and diving skills before venturing farther in search of additional underwater adventures.

The Sea seems to have been created to accommodate everyone in the family -- from beginners to the skilled veterans seeking new challenges. To the north is Punta Pescadero and El Cardonal with depths ranging from 12-feet to 47-feet, perfect for beginners to sharpen their underwater skills while the more advanced can dive deeper to explore the corals, reef fishes (butterflies, damsels, rainbow fish, blowfish, surgeons, angel real angel of Cortez, brown), invertebrates such as starfish, snails, crabs, cucumbers.

Cabo Pulmo Marine Park is a unique location established by the Federal Government in 1995. It can be reached by either land or Sea, and it is considered to be one of the most successful protected parks in Mexico and beyond, often used as the model for similar areas.

Iguana Beach, a secluded hideaway, can only be reached by water. One of the most popular snorkeling spots in Baja Sur, for those who want to combine snorkeling with a day lounging on the beach, umbrellas and beach mats can be placed on a white sandy beach just steps away from clouds of colorful tropical fish that dart among living coral heads in very shallow water. This unique setting is surrounded by rock formations creating some spectacular photo ops. It is not unusual to see lobster, larger game fish, moray eels and maybe even a turtle. Here you will also find reef fishes (butterflies, damsels, rainbow fish, blowfish, surgeons, real angel, Angel Cortez, brunettes, garropas, groupers), invertebrates such as starfish, snails, crabs, cucumbers as well as sharks, turtles, manta rays and many other species. Just a five-minute boat ride from the beach is a sea lion colony where you can snorkel with these friendly and curious animals. In these beautiful tropical waters you will find a vast array of different sea creatures including a multitude of fish species and other interesting sights from Cerralvo Island to Gordo Banks and everywhere in between.

Regardless of the dive- or snorkel-sites chosen, unlimited adventures await beneath the water. Beginner or seasoned veteran, there is no more perfect location to begin your adventures in the underwater paradise, the Sea of Cortez, than Rancho Leonero Resort.